**Owner provides all medical supplies from their veterinarian. Nursing care is only performed as recommended by a licensed veterinarian.  I do not diagnose or prescribe medications.  Referrals are available for your regular veterinarian to complete and return. Your veterinarian will be kept informed about your pet's progress and treatments at all times through documentations and phone calls. My goal is to work as a team with your veterinarian to provide your pet with the best care. 

In-Home Nursing & Wellness Care

The Traveling Pet Nurse is committed to helping pet parents care for their pets during the more difficult times in pet ownership. Caring for a pet with special needs can present many challenges. Kailyn brings with her not only a valuable service, but years of compassion and understanding of the difficulty these situations can bring.

Kailyn also loves to help pet parents take care of their pet's basic wellness needs, in the comfort of their own home.

Wellness Care

Travel Charge: $1.50/mile over 5 miles from area code 97702, limit of 10 extra miles

Toe Nail Trims: Dogs and cats. $20 (add-on to another service only)

Ear Cleaning**: Dogs and cats. $30

Anal Gland Expression: Dogs. $35

Pet Taxi to/from Vet Clinic or Groomer:  $2/mile


Comprehensive Oral Health Exam, Report, & Teeth Brush: $30

Keep those teeth gorgeous and their breath fresh!  A thorough examination of the mouth, teeth and gums will check for signs of periodontal disease such as gum recession, loose teeth, gingivitis, and abscesses, along with fractured teeth or tumors. You will go home with a personalized plan and advice for you and your pet. I will also show you how to brush your pet's teeth at home! Good oral care at home can save you hundreds of dollars in costly dental cleanings with tooth extractions. 


Personalized Nutrition Plan: $30

Pets are living longer than ever these days thanks to advances in veterinary nutrition. The Traveling Pet Nurse is able to advise on all nutritional aspects of your pets needs from puppy/kitten to geriatric. How to keep your pet in best condition through a body score system and how to maintain their optimum weight. Advice will be given on the correct food choice, treat choice and feeding methods. The nutrition consultation will take 30 mins and you will receive a personalized plan.


Image by Priscilla Du Preez
Nursing Care

Diabetic Care:**​​​ Price Varies 

Check your pet's blood glucose in the comfort of their home!  Reducing stress will help achieve more accurate results and promote better management of your pet's diabetes.  For previously diagnosed diabetics only.  Results will be reported to your veterinarian and they will contact you regarding any changes in dosage. 

At-Home Care Lessons**: $25/lesson 

Learn the proper medical techniques to care for your companion at home


Subcutaneous Fluid Administration**: $40

Great for pets with renal disease!  


Medication Administration**: Price varies

Administration of Injections**: Price Varies 

Laboratory Testing**: Price varies 

Collection of urine or feces for testing, includes drop-off same day at your vet clinic. Collection of blood may be possible based on veterinarian recommendation, temperament of animal, and ability of the owner to properly restrain pet. 

Post-Surgical Care**: Price varies 

Detailed post-op instructions from veterinarian required. Great for pets who need check-ups during the day while you are at work! 


Hospice Care for Pets**: Price varies 

Hospice care focuses on providing the best quality of life possible for a pet with a terminal disease or condition until the end of the pet's life. Hospice care also helps you by providing you with time to adjust to the coming loss of your companion. The care is tailored to the needs of both you and your pet and is based on veterinarian recommendation. Care can include:

  • Nutritional support

  • Ensuring adequate hydration

  • Assistance with urination and defecation

  • Keeping pets clean and well groomed

  • Helping pets safely move around their environment

  • Symptom management (e.g., medications or procedures that ease pain, nausea, difficulty breathing, etc.)

  • Providing mental stimulation and loving contact with family members


Physical Rehabilitation**: $40/visit

​Detailed instructions on rehab required.  Will provide your vet with progress each visit.  Great for post-orthopedic surgeries.


Wound Care/Bandage Change**: $30

Change bandage and apply medication as prescribed by your veterinarian.  Owner to supply bandage materials and medication.